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About Us

America has tradition of hunting, shooting, and freedom that is unmatched anywhere in the world. In many other countries only the elite can own guns and hunt, but in America the common man is able to bear arms and pursue game.

American Heritage Outdoors celebrates our 2nd amendment as well as the spirit of hunting in the USA. We believe that the most effective way to preserve these traditions is to maintain a strong culture that celebrates them. Each of our shirts is like a little celebration of freedom.

State pride is another thing that is near and dear to us. Our experience traveling the country in search of adventure has given us an appreciation for the unique nature of each state. We hope to see the residents of every place continue to pass down their own traditions to future generations. Hunting is one activity that varies greatly across the country both with the types of species you can find and the methods people use to hunt them. Each area has a distinct personality that want to see celebrated.

We created this brand to spread our appreciation for these great freedoms. Our hope is that we can do our part in continuing our American Heritage.